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Please contact us for information, advice, and prescription refills. Call us at 510-835-9610.

Medication Refills

If you have a medication approved for refill by your West Oakland Health provider, you may obtain a refill when you have 5 days or less of medication remaining. Please check the label on your medication container to see if a refill of your medication is approved. If it is approved the approval will be on the label. 

To refill your medication, bring your medication container, along with any other medications you are taking, to the West Oakland Health Center Pharmacy, 9:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. weekdays.

The pharmacy wants to know what other medications you are taking to be sure that you are not taking medicines that do not work well when taken together.

Most refillable medications brought to the pharmacy will be refilled within 1 hour from the time they are presented to the Pharmacy. Medications brought to the pharmacy late in the day may not be available until the next day.

Medication Renewals

If your medication has no refills but you believe additional medication is needed, you must call your provider to request that your medication be renewed. Since your provider will usually be busy when you call, you may need to leave a message with office staff.   You will be called back, usually the same day, regarding your request.

You should request medication renewal when you have at least 5 work days of medication left. This will allow time, if needed, to schedule an appointment so your doctor/nurse will know how you are doing before renewing the medicine.

In most cases your provider will want to see you in person before renewing your medication to ensure that your medication is still needed and to consider possible changes in medication to address your health concerns. In some cases your provider may authorize a medication renewal over the phone without requiring a clinic visit. You should bring other medications you are taking when you come for your appointment so your provider and the pharmacy can check for possible harmful drug interactions.

If you go the pharmacy before 4 p.m. you will be able to pick up your medication at the West Oakland Health Center pharmacy the same day. For late visits to the pharmacy, your renewal may not be ready until the next day.


Call 510-835-9610

for information, advice and prescription refills.