West Oakland Health | Patient Portal Gateway

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal allows you to:

  • Send a secure message to your provider & care team
  • Request or schedule an appointment
  • Access your health information
  • Read health education materials

Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to access the Patient Portal


First you need to enroll.
  • Click here to create a login and password for Patient Portal
  • A message is sent to West Oakland Health staff to approve your enrollment request
  • After your request has been approved, you will receive an email. The email will invite you to login at www.nextmd.com


After you have enrolled you can log into www.nextmd.com. The website displays in English by default but you can change your preferred language before or after you log on.
  1. Enter your User Name
  2. Enter you Password
  3. Click Log In
  4. Answer your Security Question
  5. Click Submit to access the homepage