West Oakland Health | Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

West Oakland Health Council patients have the right to:

  1. Considerate, respectful and dignified care which respects their cultural, psychosocial, spiritual, and personal values, beliefs, and preferences.
  2. Select and know the name of the provider of their choice.
  3. Privacy, confidentiality, and security in regard to their care, information, and records.
  4. Information regarding their diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
  5. Informed consent prior to any treatment or procedure.
  6. Referrals for assistance with advance directives and to have their advance directives respected and followed.
  7. Participate in decisions about the scope and intensity of their care, treatment, and services and to have decisions about services, care, and treatment based on their needs.
  8. Refuse care, treatment, and services in accordance with law and regulations and be informed about the consequences of such refusal.
  9. Have their pain assessed and managed and to participate in decisions regarding pain and symptom management.
  10. Present complaints and grievances and expect a response intended to resolve the complaints.
  11. Expect a reasonable response to any request for service.
  12. Information in advance about potential involvement in research activities, and to refuse such involvement.
  13. Continuity of care, and to know in advance about available physicians and appointment times.
  14. Information about rules, regulations and responsibilities that may apply to them as patients.
  15. Freedom from discrimination.
  16. Effective communications and to receive, at no cost, language assistance as necessary in patient care and care related activities.
  17. Freedom from mental, physical, sexual, and verbal abuse, neglect and exploitation.
  18. Access, request amendment to, and receive an accounting of disclosures of health information as permitted under applicable law.
  19. Have a surrogate decision maker as allowed by law, with the same right to information as the patient.
  20. Refuse care, treatment and services in accordance with laws and regulations, and to be informed about the consequences of such refusal.

West Oakland Health Council patients have the responsibility to:

  1. Provide the Council with information that is accurate and complete, including but not limited to information required (1) to assess the need for and provide care, treatment, and services, (2) to make referrals for, transfers of, and discharges from care, (3) to register for care and to allow the Council to bill and collect appropriately and (4) to determine eligibility for select projects or programs.
  2. Ask questions and express concerns or lack of understanding timely about planned and provided care, treatment, and services.
  3. Follow instructions related to and comply with agreed to treatment or care plan.
  4. Use services in an appropriate and timely manner.
  5. Schedule appointments in advance in non-urgent, non-emergency situations.
  6. Cancel on a timely basis those appointments that they intend not to keep.
  7. Comply with posted and published rules of conduct while in Council facilities and while receiving care.
  8. Behave in respectful manner and to not be physically or verbally abusive to WOHC clients/patients and/or staff.
  9. Behave in a manner that is not disruptive to the orderly operation of WOHC business.
  10. Contact their provider by telephone to determine whether a clinic visit is advisable.
  11. Develop a relationship with one source of outpatient services.
  12. Protect their own health through making proper choices in regard to nutrition, drinking, smoking, and exercise.
  13. Avoid unnecessary stress and/or risk of physical danger.
  14. Take steps to promote safety and to avoid accidents.
  15. Pay bills on a timely basis and seek a payment plan when appropriate.
  16. Accept consequences for their behavior in care related and other matters.

Patient Satisfaction

The Council is dedicated to providing care that meets high standards of quality and safety.  We are proud of our Continual Improvement Results:

  • 95% Member retention, month to month
  • 95% Provider helped me understand my health
  • 92% Overall satisfied with WOH
  • 92% Staff overall is friendly and helpful
  • 90% Would recommend WOH to others
  • INCREASE of 42.5% in patient visits this year

Source: CHCN (Assoc. of 8 Alameda County Health Centers)

If you wish to compliment us for the care you received, or wish to express a concern, we would like to hear from you. Comments may be placed in Suggestion Boxes located in each of our facilities, or given to one of our staff. You may also speak directly with our Social Services Department (835-9610, extension 3674).

If you are unable to resolve your concern, you may communicate in writing with the Council’s Executive Director. He will investigate your concern and respond to you in writing within 10 working days. If you remain unsatisfied, you may appeal your concern to the Board of Directors; the Board will respond within 90 days.

In addition, you may communicate any concerns you may have about safety, or the quality of care, treatment or services, to the Joint Commission at the following address:

Office of Quality Monitoring
Joint Commission
One Renaissance Boulevard
Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181